Absolute Reality

When our consciousness is God consciousness, and we are living in the Land of milk and honey, reality is not just reality. Reality becomes absolute reality, a reality in which the Glory of God is sensed and this is all that there is.

This is the teaching of the verse:

There is nothing else besides Him. (Deuteronomy 4:35)

It is on this verse that the Chasid meditates daily to impress in his consciousness that this is the way that he must experience the reality he meets. He must experience reality as Absolute Reality.

A consequence of experiencing reality as absolute reality is that there are no opposites. For the experience is the experience of God.

Kabbalists of the thirteenth century write:

Of the Holy One blessed be He, who is called the Cause of Causes, Blessed be He, one can speak neither of being nor of non-being, neither of measure nor stature, nor length nor breadth, not of limit or border or schism, neither of movement nor rest, for nothing is external to Him and nothing divides Him. (Moshe Hallamish, An Introduction to the Kabbalah, State University of New York Press, Albany, 1999, p.122)

This truth is also known to the mystics, Jews and non-Jews alike.

Absolute Reality is perfect in every way. It transcends all descriptions and all qualities. It is neither good nor bad, neither pure nor impure, neither limited nor unlimited, neither finite nor infinite, neither absolute nor non-absolute; it is nothing -- nothing that we can name or think. It transcends all comparison and relativity; it goes beyond the difference of unity and manyness. It is Absolute and Transcendent, in Himself and by Himself, all Himself without a second. There is no other there; there is room for none else. (Lehk Raj Puri, Mysticism, The Spiritual Path, Vol I, India Offset Press, New Delhi, 1986, p 129)