Abundant Goodness

Abundant goodness is that which is Divinely given to us. It comes in two forms: concealed and revealed.

The revealed abundant goodness is plain to see and is immediately enjoyed. There is no struggle to receive it. Although there is an uplifting, there is little of an inherent transcendence of what we have been. This is the goodness which forms the warp of the fabric of our life.

The concealed abundant goodness cannot be plainly seen. It is hidden in the difficulties of its circumstances. Because it is hidden, our revealment of what is concealed facilitates a changing within us. This changing, our growing, is our transcending what we have been. The transcending is internal to us and through it we begin again. In transcending we receive and thereby reveal the Divine abundant goodness. The revealment of the Divine abundant goodness is in the actions we do and the things we say that fulfill the Godliness we are called upon to fulfill. The revealment is what we give to God. In giving to God, we become closer to God. The concealed abundant goodness forms the woof of the fabric of our life.

The concealed abundant goodness and the revealed abundant goodness are One. They come from the same source. They come for the same reason. They come to us from God's love.