Do His will as if it were your will,
That He may do your will
As though it was His will.

Nullify your will before His will,
That He may nullify the will of others
Before your will. (Ethics of the Fathers, 2:4)

The first verse tells us not to just do God's will. For we can be doing God's will without a full heart, without the completeness and fullness that we would be doing if it were our will. But that we should be doing God's will as if it were our will. This means that we must suspend our will, surrender it, give it up, to God. This is our service to God, for we are subjects of His Divine Kingship. By doing God's will as if it were our own will, we make ourselves into the simple servant, (Shalom DovBer Schneersohn, The Simple Servant, Kehot Publication Society, New York, 2008.)

Now in this process of doing God's will, we will be bringing into manifestation God's will by the actions we perform. We will be doing it authentically: completely and fully as if it were our will. Nevertheless, our individual will is only in conscious suspension. Our will still stands as our will and there are things that we want and had consciously set our will to but in the suspension and surrender of our will, we have removed it from our consciousness. Here the verse goes on.

That which we had desired and in effect had set our will to but have not taken action on, because we suspended and surrendered our will in order to do God's will, will be done. For the verse says that He may do our will as though it were His will. In other words, without working with effort, what we set our will to but have not done because we are doing God's will, that will be done. It will be done because God will do our will as though it were His will.

Kabbalistically, this is a description from the framework of Malchut, because the emphasis is on the doing. The next verse says the same thing as the first verse, but it says it from the framework of Keter.

The next verse says that we should nullify our will before God's will. And if we do that, the things that others have set their will to which would interfere with our carrying out of God's will, for those things God will run interference for us and block the carrying out of the potentially interfering actions so that the will which we are in the process of doing, God's will, will be done.