When the One becomes many, its oneness becomes hidden in the many. We sense that the Divine presence retreats to our secret place and becomes veiled. When the many becomes the one, the Divine presence becomes manifest.

There is nothing that can stop the expression of the spirit, Whatever it is that we do, the result is an expression of our spirit, our soul. What we do does make a difference, for the expression can be unifying in which case, it is called good. Or the expression can be separating, in which case it is called bad.

As individuals, the Divine urges us to express unification and not separation. The individual who expresses unification acts to close the circuit, letting the spirit grasp and surround and envelope the form which grows out of itself. But the individual who expresses separation acts to break the circuit removing the spirit from the form. And since the form cannot sustain itself without the spirit, the form itself must break down into its more elementary components permitting the spirit to reform the physical into a new individual.

When we experience this breaking down, we go through tough times. We suffer. But it is the reforming, which is our changing that brings us to a new higher level of formation. This permits even deeper and more complex expressions of our Godly soul which desires to express unification.