Ain Sof

Ain עין

Within the beneficent realms of the cosmic being we are,
Exist unlimited supernal undifferentiated dimensions,
Forever unmanifest and physically unknowable,
Endless realms of being beyond time, space, color, and form,
Beyond movement, energy, and limitation.
Realms of being which constitute the sum of all Life.
Only of the presence of this veiled mysterious unknowable
Can we be aware.

Ain Sof עין סוף

From the realm of unknowable עין
In the simple depths of its light
Manifests restriction:
An infinite void containing space
For differentiation and individuation.
The differentiation and individuation causes
The arousal of a desire to engage unity.
Thereby comes into supernal existence a polarity
Of intentions which are forever becoming united:
The intention of a desire to impart and a desire to receive.

Ain Sof Awr עין סוף אור

From the realm of the עין סוף
Imparts the perpetually animated simple primordial Light,
The infinite bounty of giving,
The unlimited desire to share.
This light extends and shining forth in it are seven fluid letters,
As it further extends darkness issues:
And in it are seven more fluid letters.
Then arises a firmament preventing discord between the two sides.
And from the firmament issues eight more letters.