I have three choices:
I can absorb the light,
I can reflect the light, or
I can mold and transform the light.

When I absorb the light,
I receive it and hold it within me.
Held within, I conceal it within the form of my character.
The body binds existence.
The Kingdom becomes stagnant and deteriorates.
Though I have kept everything, I have nothing.

When I reflect the light,
The good which I receive, I pass on.
The form of my character is bright.
The body is a blessing to existence.
The Kingdom is good.
Though I have retained nothing, I have everything.

When I mold and transform the light,
Not only do I reflect it,
But by willed intent do I raise its level.
Through my actions as a catalyst and creator,
The light becomes uplifted
And is brighter in leaving me than in coming to me.
The form of my character is self--luminous.
The body fulfills existence.
The spiritual sparks become endowed
With Kingdom which in turn glows with
The infinite spritual light.
I have everything and have given everything.

Here, I have received.
I have blessed.
And I have fulfilled.
All is realized as One.