Crown, Wisdom, Understanding

Crown, Wisdom, and Understanding,
Light, Essence, and Appearance
Constitute one unified complete whole.
One reality without defect.
One energy.

Primal Intent is the source of life.
It is called will and the Crown.
It is the origin, the true earth.
It encloses everything.
In it there is nonaction.
Yin and Yang are harmoniously blended,
As one without distinction.

Wisdom is Essence.
Outwardly deep and inwardly bright.
Father is strong and vigorous.
Intuition taps this deep well,
Its water forever sharing and flowing downward.
Formless and not material,
It is not constrained.
It is Yang and true knowledge.

Conscious knowledge is Understanding.
Outwardly firm and inwardly flexible.
Mother of the ten thousand myriad things.
Reasoning orders its unfathomable changing Appearances.
As a burning fire, it is forever transforming.
Like fire, it ascends upward.
Formed and not material,
It is limited and constrained.
It is Yin and true intelligence.

Qualified by our choice of a limited state of being,
True Intent closes the channel to Essence.
Essence closes the channel to Appearance.
Appearance separates from Essence.
The One energy divides into three.
The ten thousand myriad things
Tug at one another.
Their essence becomes concealed.
The false is born.
Desire is king.
Emotional turmoil dominates.
The mind is stubborn and disturbed.
Primal Intent no longer maintains affinity with the Light.
The external forces control the Slave.

Qualified by our choice of an elevated state of being,
Primal Intent opens the channel to essence.
Essence opens the channel to Appearance.
Stabilized by will, the mind is free and still,
Concentrated and focused, but not controlled.
There is no lustful desire for results.
Multiple Appearances ascend into one Essence.
One Essence flows into the Crown.
The truth is revealed.
The play is spontaneous.
There are no external forces.
Yin and Yang cleave together.
The circuit becomes complete.
The light returns home.
And the Master delights.