Running And Returning

Eternity in motion we call time.
Eternity in unity we call fullness.
Fullness in time we call Eternity.

Running is experiencing eternity in motion.
Returning is experiencing eternity in unity.
Drawing near the Divine is experiencing fullness in time.

To run and return is to do in the world,
And then in our most inward understanding,
Grasp the Godliness in all.

This sublime experience of running and returning,
Constantly deepens us bringing us closer to God.

Our world view changes.
Our inertia decreases.
Our drive for security decreases.
Our courage strengthens.
Our energy increases.
Our skill increases.

For in realizing the true nature of our creativeness,
We are more able to free ourselves
From the limits of our current reality.
We become more willing to change it,
By changing ourselves,
And let it be transcended to a more Godly state.

We give ourselves to God:
Our wants become God's wants.
Our will becomes God's will.
And this is a most wonderful sublime experience.

In amazement we want to cry out in joy.
But there are no words.
So in awe we remain silent,
Running and experiencing eternity in motion,
Returning and experiencing eternity in unity,
Drawing near to the Divine and experiencing the fullness in time.