The Worlds

At my Crown in the world of Emanation,
My spirit connects with the Divine Source
Pouring the Endless Light
Into my vessel for concealment or revealment.
With Wisdom I choose revealment.

Above me in the world of Creation,
My mental capacities connect to their source,
Providing the energy for Understanding.
I then can reason about the ten thousand myriad things
This world creates for me to receive.

Within me in the world of Formation,
My emotional capacities draw their
Sustenance from the world of Creation.
Here with my feelings of Lovingkindness and Strength,
I create a balance in Beauty.
Then with Victory and Glory
I firmly determine to express this feeling,
And overcome all resistance
That might face its expression.
Then I connect to the Foundation of the world,
And enthusiastically plan the fulfillment to be.

At my feet in the world of Action,
Is my home and Kingdom.
Here by sovereign acting and doing
I reveal the Endless Light,
Completing the Holy circuit
Making manifest the Divine.